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Washi Tape Crazed… 9 Killer Ideas!

So, it's no surprise that washi tape & MT Tape is taking the craft industry by storm. 

And, I'm on board (not so much with the cutesy applications, but definitely with the cool ones). Are you?

Here are 9 fun ideas to work the washi into your home...

1. Style your stairs.

2. Create bold backdrops for your photos.

3. Wrap up your parcels.

4. Recycle the envelopes from those pesky bills.

5. Spell it out.

6. Hang your loose artwork.

7. Dress up your tealights.

8. Create your own art

9. Make your own photo frames.

Jordan, the genius behind Oh Happy Day, recently posted this fantastic tutorial on how to make your own frames using kraft paper tape. 

As if this idea wasn't fantastic enough, why not take it one step further by finishing the front edges with your fave washi tape?


Inspired By… V2 Studios

V2 Studios designed these spectacular Knot Pendant Lights for Vitamin.

I pretty much love everything about them. As if the hand-blown glass shades weren't enough to make you swoon, their playful coloured cables have been tied into a "monkey fist knot". Come on, even the name of the knot is fun!

As a fellow lighting designer, I think it's always a good idea to mix up lighting materials in the same room.

Say, for example, that you were planning to dress your sideboard with a pair of table lamps that have fabric shades... It would create a much more dynamic look to hang this sort of glass pendant over your table vs. a fabric shade pendant. Too much of a good thing can get boring!

Hint: Tie the whole look together by pulling an accent colour from your table lamps for the cables of your pendants!


IDS12 - More To Love

Did you miss IDS12?

Head on over to the Style at Home Blog to catch my series of posts over the next couple of weeks highlighting the best from this years show.

In addition to what I'm sharing over there, check out these photos sharing peeks from inside some of the non-booth exhibits.

Inside the How Do You Live? exhibit...

How cool is that dining room full of mis-matched chairs? And, how about a little national pride illuminated in sign form?

Inside the Offsite/Onsite exhibit...

How amazing are those oversized, fragmented, wood spheres? Imagine the time that went into creating them?


Mod Insiders Top 10 Takeaways from 2011

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In the meantime, here are just a few tips that sparked interest within the group from last years newsletters.

1. When you think neutrals, don't just think beige. Think white, cream, grey, black, navy, brown, and even yellow.

Rather than choosing just one as your starting point, what if you used more than one to create a multi-dimensional base of furnishings, finishes & fixed elements and then layered in some accent colours?

I think you'll find that neutrals can play well together and you don't have to feel restricted by using only one.


2. I love it - for you, not for me. How many times have we said this to a friend while shopping?

We like something, we think it's cool, interesting, different and exciting. But, it couldn't possibly be right for us. Um, why not?

Ask yourself why you're limiting yourself and your homes potential with this type of thinking. What's the worst that could come from taking a leap and trying something out of the ordinary in your decorating? Even if your answer to that question is scary, I say it's time to try it anyway!


3. Rethink white trim. While It does have a certain crispness to it that is awfully appealing, somewhere along the line, we all got it into our heads that it's the only option.

Not so, my friends.

More and more I find myself returning to the classic look of trim & walls painted out in the same colour. It's timeless and exudes a certain level of elegance.


4. Feeling hungry for something out of the ordinary in the gallery wall department?

Sometimes when you feel like you've seen it all, the simplest adjustment can make the whole idea new again!

Try creating an angled gallery wall somewhere unexpected, like on the angled wall space below your stairs, or in line with angled ceilings. 





5. Don't be afraid to make a bold statement! The whole school of thought that says "small pieces for small spaces" couldn't be more wrong.

By cleverly furnishing your small space with large-scale furnishings, you give the illusion that it's bigger and deserving of those full-sized pieces. 

We all know that one fabulous way to achieve the look of more space is with mirrors. But, don't stop there… Make your mirror do double duty!

An over-sized mirror, like this one, functions as a sculptural focal point, while giving the illusion of more space.

Leave it room to breath. If you're mounting this baby on your wall, let it stand alone.


6. I'm a big believer in the "nothing is better than something mediocre" mentality.

What we choose to surround ourselves with is a mighty powerful thing. Everything from your sofa, down to your coasters should make you smile.

Even functional items need not be boring, average or "meh", especially when fun & interesting alternatives exist.


7. Use your "stuff" to make a style statement.

Things like records, tapes, CD's, magazines & books need not be tucked away.

Instead, put them on display.

They help tell your story throughout your home. 

They shed light on your interests, your taste and even your guilty pleasures.


8. Why do we think that pendant lights only belong over dining tables, islands & counter tops?

As pictured, this homeowner ran a vintage pendant from the wall to the ceiling on a cord. There are oodles pendants that come with designer cords these days too, making this a perfect option for homes that aren't hardwired for overhead lighting.

But, why not take it step further?

Hang two pendants on either side of your bathroom mirror in place of sconces. Hang one over your coffee table for an intimate glow. Hang them nice and low, over your bed, desk & entryway console table.


9. You really can't go wrong when you outfit your home with white (or neutral) walls, wood floors & some sexy wood furnishings.


Because, with a space like that, you're free to explore colour, texture & pattern and make a big statement without the fear of "messing up".

There's no worrying about "will this match that". Everything goes with white & wood. 



10. The trick to bold decorating? Small doses.

Bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect places to go a bit crazy with bold colour & pattern.

You can afford to get a little nuts because you spend so little time in these areas, compared to your other living spaces.





Image Credits (from top): Living Etc. (first two images), Rue Magazine, Poppytalk via Pinterest, BDDW, Anna Pernilla, Rue Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Convoy, Lonny Magazine


How Would You Like To Work Here?

This project, from M Moser Associates, takes the concept of the playful office space to a whole new level with a carnival inspired workplace. 

Take a peek inside the Ogilvy & Mather offices, loacated in Guangzhou...

Top 3 design takeaways to incorporate at home...

1. Light, light & more light!

This office features bold lighting installations everywhere you turn. Incorporate this idea into your home on a smaller scale with a custom built bathroom mirror/light fixture in one. Picture a vintage showgirl dressing table reinvented into a wall hung materpiece of wood and exposed bulbs. Introduce this style of lighting to another room by simply adding a wall hung marquee fixture to your wall. This arrow light fixture from Against The Woodgrain is perfection!

2. Concrete doesn't have to read as cold.

If you live in a loft space, warm up your concrete surroundings with lots of wood accents and rugged leather furnishings.

3. Juxtapose elements & styles.

Pair the masculine feel of industrial light fixtures and accessories with a feminine touch of plush velvet, introduced through pillows, throws and even drapery panels used to separate and define large spaces.